I LOVE helping people with their retirement planning needs and hope we can work together. Read on below to make sure my offering meets your needs.

My services are offered in two distinct models
1) Hourly/Flat Fee Consulting
2) Traditional Asset-Based Fees

Hourly Consulting

My hourly consulting services are offered in the following areas:
– Social Security consulting
– Financial/Retirement Planning

My initial consultation rate is $500.

In the event your case takes more than one hour (and you’ll know this before we get started) I charge an additional  $200 per hour.

Traditional Asset-Based Fees

In the asset-based fee model my services are offered for a fee which is based on the amount of your assets under our management. This fee covers your ongoing investment management, financial consulting and retirement planning needs. For example, if we manage $1,000,000 of your assets, and your fee is 1%, you’ll see deductions to your account of $10,000 over the course of one year.

Although my client base is diverse, I tend to gravitate towards those relationships that meet the following criteria:
-Those who are committed to real goals and recognize that these goals are not achieved overnight
-Those who realize they can’t be experts in retirement planning while also excelling in their own career and personal life
-Those who have expectations of realistic investment returns (not trying to beat the returns of the stock market)
-Have a minimum of $500,000 in investable assets (exceptions granted if referred by current client or a member of our professional network)

My fees under this arrangement are as follows

While I realize this may seem exclusionary, I’ve found that without some filtering I could end up serving clients who would best be served by another firm. That’s not good for me and it’s certainly not good for you.

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